Providing solutions for cutting-edge toolholding
REGO-FIX holistic toolholding systems excel with extraordinary reliability, high precision and outstanding quality. We serve fast-paced industries with the highest demands for precision and are well-established in the automotive, aerospace, medical engineering, watchmaking, telecommunications and also in the die and mold industry. Close to our customers: from our headquarters in Switzerland and our subsidiaries throughout the Globe, we sell directly to over 50 exclusive sales partners worldwide. All our “Swiss made”-marked products are manufactured in Switzerland, to match our outstanding standards of precision and quality.

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Register your PGU 9500 Clamping Unit immediately after installing to ensure a 5 year international warranty.

REGO-FIX product registration

// REGO-FIX hereby guarantees the function of the powRgrip® PGU 9500 clamping unit
   bearing the serial number referenced on the title page.

// The warranty can optionally be extended from 2 to 5 years at the time of the regular ­
   registration with no added costs.

// The warranty extension is valid starting 6 months after production date of the 
   powRgrip® PGU 9500 clamping unit (YYYY-MM).

// The warranty extension is effective with the registration of the device bearing the serial 
   number referenced at try.rego-fix.ch/en-warranty

// The general terms and conditions of REGO-FIX AG apply as the basis and for all other 
   products associated with the clamping unit.

// All warranty claims must be made through your official REGO-FIX sales partner. 
   REGO-FIX AG will not accept unsolicited returned equipment.

// Warranty claims expire immediately in case of improper handling and the use of 
   non-­original REGO-FIX and / or powRgrip® original and / or officially licensed products.